Press-Dryer COMP-INDUSTRIA s.r.l. is involved in custom slicing, i.e. customers procure logs and arrange for delivery to the mill, while our Company performs processing and offers the following services.
Unloading of raw material onto a log-yard furnished with an automatic wetting system to maintain logs unaltered.
Debarking and cutting into flitehes using methods contemplated and agreed with customer.
Steaming into water vats monitored by computer system (PLC).
Slicing on horizontal, vertical / lines (max 5200 mm), stay-log (max 4000 mm), rotary machines (max 3700 mm).
Drying with press-dryer.
Pressing with press-machine (hot / cold).
Clipping and binding.
Electronic measuring.
Stacking on pallets ready for shipment.